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Client Case Studies

Client Case Study

Kim Malhotra

Kim was part of a leadership programme with a corporate client of mine.  She has always been very interested and keen on developing herself personally and professionally and was excited to get some one-on-one sessions with me.  We covered a range of topics including self-awareness, vision, values, delegation, leadership styles and how to transition into the role of marketing manager.  Although Kim gained a lot from the sessions, it wasn’t until she found a new role that these skills really came into play.  Not only did she impress her current employer so much at the interview that he actually created a special role for her that didn’t exist before, she has also built an entire network within the organisation to help her stay ahead of the game and understand what’s happening across all the departments.  She is an integral part of the leadership team and often leads the way with new and creative ideas for the organisation.

Client Case Study

Andrew Palmer

Before Andrew became an entrepreneur, he was suffering from depression and extremely low self-esteem.  He desperately wanted to change his situation but felt stuck, isolated and lonely.  I gave Andrew a range of different tools to cover emotional intelligence, mindset and leadership and helped him channel his frustrations into a more positive direction.  We worked on the stories he kept telling himself about not being good enough and he learned to let go of things he couldn’t control.  As a direct result of working with me, Andrew started his own non-profit organisation, Football For Fun, to help teach young people football and life skills and went on to work with other organisations including Leicester Forest Football Club to be a scout for new talented players and run various workshops and programmes.  He now lives in Qatar and teaches sports in a local school as well as hosting a podcast and working on his various other projects.

Client Case Study

Angela McQuade

When I first met Angela, she was unemployed and on benefits and desperately wanted to start her own business.  Her hobby was crocheting and she wanted to make custom crocheted teddies and dolls for people as gifts but had no idea where to start.  Through coaching, I helped Angela shift her perspective from having a hobby to running a viable business.  We worked on business strategy, storytelling to get her customers interested in her products and her confidence and leadership skills.  Within a few months, she started McQuaint Gifts and after a year, brought her daughter, Zoe, on board because she was booked solid and needed the extra help.  Since then, the business has grown from strength to strength and they have increased their product lines and started serving a global market, often having to take orders up to 5 months in advance.

Client Case Study

Nicole Robinson-Edwards

When Nicole first started working with me she had a deep desire to set up a mentoring organisation for young women but didn’t know how to get it up and running whilst working her day job.  I helped Nicole with her self-awareness, confidence and leadership skills, teaching her to look within for the answers, clarifying her vision and career goals, identifying her core values and designing an action plan and strategy to help her achieve them.  Whilst working with me, Nicole’s confidence has more than doubled, she’s completed her Masters at Birmingham University and set up Her Path To Purpose in 2018 as a side hustle.  The organisation has grown from strength to strength and Nicole has not only started including new products and services to the mix but also created a strong network of young women who aspire to be more than average.

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