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Mindset Coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to:

Redefine the meaning of success

Develop skills and tools to breakthrough limiting blocks and beliefs

Elevate to the next level by taking strategic and purposeful action

Create a legacy they can be proud of

Born To Amplify is centred around one simple goal:  to help you turn down the outside “noise” and amplify your mindset so that you can achieve success on your terms!

Whether you’re wanting to build your confidence, stop procrastinating and finally get that project started, or grow your business, you’ve come to the right place.

As your coach, I’m here to help you get clear on your vision and goals, teach you practical tools to help you build a stronger mindset and empower you to take action with confidence in your own decisions and abilities.

Nisha Kaunda

Hi, I’m Nisha!

Whilst my passion for coaching is unparalleled, it’s really my love for seeing clients grow and develop into the best leaders, business owners and humans that fuels my work.

As a natural introvert I understand how hard it can be to ask for help when you feel stuck in your business, how terrifying it is to be responsible for every little thing that you have to do, and how painful it can feel to doubt and second-guess your every action when EVERYTHING is on the line!

I understand it, because I’ve been through it!  And to keep it 100 with you from the off:  I still go through it, every. single. day.  Because every next level you get to demands a newer, better and more disciplined version of you to step up and take charge.  That’s just real talk!

That’s why I get excited about coaching.  Because I know how beneficial it is to have someone to talk things through with and bounce ideas off of, be challenged to disrupt your comfort zone and held accountable for what you say you’re going to do.

What makes me a great coach?

I focus on YOU and what you need.  I don’t do generic, cookie cutter coaching programmes or have step by step blueprints for you to follow.  

I keep it SIMPLE!  I’m not into overcomplicating things and will break shit down so that you don’t just understand something, but you feel confident to apply it right away.  

I teach you PRACTICAL tools and strategies that you can use in every area of your business and life to help you break through your limitations and feel empowered to rise up to that next level.




I had a one hour call with Nisha and boy she blew my mind.  Advice and suggestions, value stacked on value.  I think the best thing after the call was that I felt a weight lifted because when I shared my struggles, Nisha was completely understanding and non-judgemental.  She was not only able to see my issues from my point of view but also give me steps to take that were very me.  Super grateful!



Before contacting Nisha I was having great difficulty in putting down on paper a book that had been in my head for years.  I was always procrastinating, not paying bills on time etc. which led to me feeling unnecessarily panicky about so many things.  Her empathetic, kind and common sense manner has shown me that it is possible to change a ‘ script ‘ that had been written for me by past people and events and to at last be the person that I have hidden for so long.  By showing me many practical ways to deal with situations that would have in the past given rise to panic, she has managed to change my negativity to a “can do” attitude.  I have written 5 chapters of my book, stopped procrastinating, and am genuinely feeling more positive about life and my future.  Thank you Nisha x



Working with Nisha was fun, relaxed and helped me plan an offline marketing strategy that, instead of feeling anxious about, I’m excited about. As an introverted entrepreneur working mostly online, It can become overwhelming when you listen to all the different podcasts, Youtube channels, blogs etc but Nisha has the ability to get you focused on what’s important. I have a clear plan of action that I’m confident will bring me the results I’m looking for in my business. I’d definitely recommend working with Nisha if you’re serious about making changes in your business.



After working with Nisha, my business has really taken off.  I have 12 enthusiastic and motivated individuals in my team, a super clear communication strategy and in a short space of time, I’ve hit all of my targets!



I first met Nisha in 2005 when she was recommended by the Prince’s Trust. I was a 22 year old single mum starting my first self-employed venture, Love Bagels. I was young and felt very out of my depth at times but Nisha always gave me reassurance and self-belief.  She has a way of making you feel comfortable and explaining things in a simple and easy to understand way, especially when you don’t know all the business lingo.

Here I am a few businesses later with Little Miss Party Planner going into its 8th year and I still find myself working with Nisha to ask her advice and guidance.  I absolutely trust her professionalism and knowledge and know she always guides me with my best interests at heart.

Nisha is a kind, intelligent and innovative person, she has shared a wealth of knowledge with me and is a brilliant asset to anyone who gets the opportunity to work alongside her.  Thank you for many years of support.

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